Mobile ECU Remapping

We come to you to remap your car, van, or motorhome - in Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch - and surrounding areas.

ECU Remapping

Carrying out ECU Remapping takes away the restrictions placed on your vehicle by the manufacturer. It allows us to fine tune your vehicles power and torque output, leading to better throttle response, increased power and torque, and smoother power delivery. In diesel vehicles, it will also improve fuel economy. ECU Remapping can be carried out on cars, vans and motorhomes. When we carry out an ECU Remap, no parts are added or taken away from your vehicle. ECU Remapping is carried out using a computer connected to your vehicle or directly to your vehicle’s ECU.

Why remap your vehicle?

Unleashes the power in your sports car

Makes your car more enjoyable to drive

Improve fuel economy on your taxi

Enables your van to carry heavy loads with ease

Gives your motorhome more power and torque for those long journeys

Gives your vehicle more torque for towing

ECU Remapping Options

When choosing to remap your vehicle it is important to choose an option which suits you and your vehicle.

Red Performance Remap

The ultimate improvement in power, torque and overall performance, unleashing the potential of your vehicle. Can be used on petrol and diesel vehicles.

Blue Remap

A great improvement of both power, torque and fuel economy in diesel vehicles. A popular choice for better driveability.

Green Economy Remap

Ideal for improving fuel economy in diesel vehicles with some additional performance. Great for business owners or anyone wanting to reduce their fuel expenditure.

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